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Minolta 02491-0015-00
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Minolta A2
Minolta C-503
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Minolta C-518
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Minolta C-532
Minolta C-538
Minolta C-542
Minolta C-550
Minolta C-552
Minolta C-560
Minolta C-560C
Minolta C-561
Minolta C-562CL
Minolta C-563CLS
Minolta C-570
Minolta C-606
Minolta C-606E
Minolta C-618
Minolta DG-5W
Minolta DG-X50K
Minolta DG-X50R
Minolta DG-X50S
Minolta DG5W
Minolta DGX50K
Minolta DGX50R
Minolta DGX50S
Minolta DIAMGE A200
Minolta DIMAGE 500
Minolta DIMAGE 530
Minolta DIMAGE 600
Minolta DIMAGE A1
Minolta DIMAGE A2
Minolta DIMAGE A200
Minolta DIMAGE E40
Minolta DIMAGE E50
Minolta DIMAGE G400
Minolta DIMAGE X
Minolta DIMAGE X1
Minolta DIMAGE X50
Minolta DYNAX 5D
Minolta DYNAX 7D
Minolta E50
Minolta MAXXUM 5D
Minolta MAXXUM 7D
Minolta NP-1
Minolta NP-400
Minolta NP-700
Minolta NP-800
Minolta NP-900
Minolta NP1
Minolta NP200
Minolta NP400
Minolta NP500
Minolta NP600
Minolta NP700
Minolta NP800
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Minolta REVIO
Minolta V-118
Minolta V-16
Minolta V-16R
Minolta V-18
Minolta V-18R
Minolta V-20
Minolta V-20R
Minolta V-228
Minolta V118
Minolta V16
Minolta V16R
Minolta V18
Minolta V18R
Minolta V20
Minolta V20R
Minolta V218
Minolta V228
Minolta VBC-166
Minolta VBC166
Minolta VBP-160
Minolta VBP-161
Minolta VBP-165
Minolta VBP-166
Minolta VBP-600
Minolta VBP-601
Minolta VBP-630
Minolta VBP160
Minolta VBP161
Minolta VBP165
Minolta VBP166
Minolta XA1
Minolta XA2
Minolta XG
Minolta XI
Minolta XT
Minolta XT BIZ