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Icom A4
Icom BP-196
Icom BP-209
Icom BP-209N
Icom BP-210
Icom BP-210N
Icom BP-211
Icom BP-211L
Icom BP-217
Icom BP-227
Icom BP-232
Icom BP-232H
Icom BP-232N
Icom BP-236
Icom BP-243
Icom BP-254
Icom BP196
Icom BP209
Icom BP210
Icom BP211
Icom BP217
Icom BP217LI
Icom BP227
Icom BP227LI
Icom BP232
Icom BP236
Icom BP243
Icom BP254
Icom BP263(alkaline case)
Icom BP264
Icom BP265
Icom BP279
Icom BP280
Icom F1000D
Icom F1000S/T
Icom F14
Icom F2000D
Icom F2000S/T
Icom F24
Icom F3
Icom F3001
Icom F3003
Icom F3101D
Icom F3210D
Icom F33GS
Icom F33GT
Icom F3S
Icom F4
Icom F4001
Icom F4003
Icom F4101D
Icom F4210D
Icom F43GS
Icom F43GT
Icom F43SG
Icom F43TR
Icom F4S
Icom F4TR
Icom F9011
Icom F9021
Icom IC-21
Icom IC-21S
Icom IC-30GT
Icom IC-40GT
Icom IC-4161DS
Icom IC-4GT
Icom IC-80AD
Icom IC-80D
Icom IC-9011T/S
Icom IC-91A
Icom IC-91AD
Icom IC-91T
Icom IC-A23
Icom IC-A24
Icom IC-A4
Icom IC-A4E
Icom IC-A6
Icom IC-E7
Icom IC-E80D
Icom IC-E90
Icom IC-E91
Icom IC-F1000
Icom IC-F11
Icom IC-F11S
Icom IC-F121
Icom IC-F121S
Icom IC-F12N
Icom IC-F12SN
Icom IC-F14
Icom IC-F15
Icom IC-F2000
Icom IC-F21
Icom IC-F21BR
Icom IC-F21GM
Icom IC-F21S
Icom IC-F22
Icom IC-F22SR
Icom IC-F24
Icom IC-F25
Icom IC-F3
Icom IC-F30
Icom IC-F3011
Icom IC-F3021
Icom IC-F3021T/S
Icom IC-F3023T/S
Icom IC-F30GS
Icom IC-F30GT
Icom IC-F3161
Icom IC-F3161DS
Icom IC-F3161DT
Icom IC-F3163T/S
Icom IC-F31GS
Icom IC-F31GT
Icom IC-F33
Icom IC-F33GS
Icom IC-F33GT
Icom IC-F34
Icom IC-F3GS
Icom IC-F3GT
Icom IC-F4
Icom IC-F40
Icom IC-F4002
Icom IC-F4003
Icom IC-F4011
Icom IC-F4021
Icom IC-F4021T/S
Icom IC-F4023T/S
Icom IC-F40GS
Icom IC-F40GT
Icom IC-F4161
Icom IC-F4161DT
Icom IC-F4163T/S
Icom IC-F41GS
Icom IC-F41GT
Icom IC-F43
Icom IC-F43GS
Icom IC-F43GT
Icom IC-F43TR
Icom IC-F44
Icom IC-F4GS
Icom IC-F4GT
Icom IC-F4TR
Icom IC-F50
Icom IC-F50V
Icom IC-F51
Icom IC-F60
Icom IC-F60V
Icom IC-F61
Icom IC-F70
Icom IC-F70DS
Icom IC-F70DT
Icom IC-F70S
Icom IC-F70T
Icom IC-F80
Icom IC-F80DS
Icom IC-F80DT
Icom IC-F80S
Icom IC-F80T
Icom IC-F88
Icom IC-F9011
Icom IC-F9021
Icom IC-F9021T/S
Icom IC-M88
Icom IC-P7A
Icom IC-T2A
Icom IC-T2H
Icom IC-T3H
Icom IC-T70A
Icom IC-T90
Icom IC-T90A
Icom IC-T90E
Icom IC-T91
Icom IC-U82
Icom IC-V8
Icom IC-V80
Icom IC-V82
Icom IC21
Icom IC21S
Icom IC30GT
Icom IC40GT
Icom IC4GT
Icom IC80D
Icom ICA5
Icom ICF21
Icom ICF21S
Icom ICF3
Icom ICF4
Icom ICF50
Icom ICF60
Icom ICF70DS
Icom ICF70DT
Icom ICF80DS
Icom ICF80DT
Icom ICT2A
Icom ICT81A
Icom ICT8A
Icom T2A
Icom T2H
Icom T70E
Icom TC-P7A