Notice COVID-19 and the TAMPA WAREHOUSE: CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS ARE CHANGING EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2020. THE PHONE AND EMAIL WILL BE STAFFED FROM 12 NOON EST TO 5 PM EST. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE. The health and safety of our employees and customers remains at the forefront of our daily operation. Please be assured that we are practicing daily cleaning/sanitizing procedures, social distancing and all measures as recommended by the CDC and are following all local, state and federal guidelines. We continue to do everything that we can to ensure that your business runs uninterrupted. As we all understand and are aware of the fact that circumstances are ever changing, we will continue to stay cognizant of the situation, remain in contact with our carriers and keep you informed of any updates. We thank you for your business and wish good health upon you all.
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AT-T/Lucent 102
AT-T/Lucent 103
AT-T/Lucent 1128
AT-T/Lucent 1140
AT-T/Lucent 1150
AT-T/Lucent 1155
AT-T/Lucent 1160
AT-T/Lucent 1175
AT-T/Lucent 1185
AT-T/Lucent 1230
AT-T/Lucent 1231
AT-T/Lucent 1256
AT-T/Lucent 1412
AT-T/Lucent 1430
AT-T/Lucent 1440
AT-T/Lucent 1450
AT-T/Lucent 1455
AT-T/Lucent 1460
AT-T/Lucent 1475
AT-T/Lucent 1477
AT-T/Lucent 1480
AT-T/Lucent 1485
AT-T/Lucent 1487
AT-T/Lucent 2230
AT-T/Lucent 2231
AT-T/Lucent 2256
AT-T/Lucent 2300
AT-T/Lucent 2320
AT-T/Lucent 2322
AT-T/Lucent 2325
AT-T/Lucent 2355
AT-T/Lucent 2365
AT-T/Lucent 2366
AT-T/Lucent 2375
AT-T/Lucent 2385
AT-T/Lucent 24032X
AT-T/Lucent 2414
AT-T/Lucent 2415
AT-T/Lucent 2419
AT-T/Lucent 2420
AT-T/Lucent 27910
AT-T/Lucent 3101
AT-T/Lucent 3111
AT-T/Lucent 3300
AT-T/Lucent 3301
AT-T/Lucent 4126
AT-T/Lucent 4128
AT-T/Lucent 6100
AT-T/Lucent 6200
AT-T/Lucent 8050710000
AT-T/Lucent 8055420000
AT-T/Lucent 8055420055430000
AT-T/Lucent 8058480000
AT-T/Lucent 8200
AT-T/Lucent 8210
AT-T/Lucent 8220
AT-T/Lucent 8241
AT-T/Lucent 8243
AT-T/Lucent 8900990000
AT-T/Lucent 9031 (TRANSTALK)
AT-T/Lucent 9031 -TRANSTALK
AT-T/Lucent 9210
AT-T/Lucent 9230
AT-T/Lucent 9257
AT-T/Lucent 9301
AT-T/Lucent 9307
AT-T/Lucent 9311
AT-T/Lucent 9312
AT-T/Lucent 9320
AT-T/Lucent 9340
AT-T/Lucent 9341
AT-T/Lucent 9345
AT-T/Lucent 9350
AT-T/Lucent 9351
AT-T/Lucent 9353
AT-T/Lucent 9355
AT-T/Lucent 9356
AT-T/Lucent 9357
AT-T/Lucent 9365
AT-T/Lucent 9370
AT-T/Lucent 9371
AT-T/Lucent 9410
AT-T/Lucent 9465
AT-T/Lucent AT3201
AT-T/Lucent AT3211-2
AT-T/Lucent BT184342
AT-T/Lucent BT2499A
AT-T/Lucent BT284342
AT-T/Lucent CL74209
AT-T/Lucent CL74309
AT-T/Lucent CL80109
AT-T/Lucent CL81109
AT-T/Lucent CL81209
AT-T/Lucent CL81309
AT-T/Lucent CL82109
AT-T/Lucent CL82209
AT-T/Lucent CL82309
AT-T/Lucent CL82359
AT-T/Lucent CL82409
AT-T/Lucent CL82509
AT-T/Lucent CL82589
AT-T/Lucent CL82609
AT-T/Lucent CL82659
AT-T/Lucent CL84109
AT-T/Lucent E1112
AT-T/Lucent E1113
AT-T/Lucent E1114
AT-T/Lucent E1126
AT-T/Lucent E1128
AT-T/Lucent E1215
AT-T/Lucent E1225
AT-T/Lucent E1912
AT-T/Lucent E191913
AT-T/Lucent E191914
AT-T/Lucent E191937
AT-T/Lucent E2115
AT-T/Lucent E2116
AT-T/Lucent E2120
AT-T/Lucent E2125
AT-T/Lucent E2126
AT-T/Lucent E2127
AT-T/Lucent E250
AT-T/Lucent E2520
AT-T/Lucent E2525
AT-T/Lucent E2555
AT-T/Lucent E2560
AT-T/Lucent E2600B
AT-T/Lucent E2655B
AT-T/Lucent E2715
AT-T/Lucent E2717
AT-T/Lucent E2718
AT-T/Lucent E2725
AT-T/Lucent E2727
AT-T/Lucent E2728
AT-T/Lucent E2801
AT-T/Lucent E2802
AT-T/Lucent E2803
AT-T/Lucent E2811
AT-T/Lucent E2812
AT-T/Lucent E2813
AT-T/Lucent E2901
AT-T/Lucent E2902
AT-T/Lucent E2913
AT-T/Lucent E2914
AT-T/Lucent E3813
AT-T/Lucent E3814
AT-T/Lucent E5600
AT-T/Lucent E5601
AT-T/Lucent E5602
AT-T/Lucent E5603
AT-T/Lucent E5605
AT-T/Lucent E5630
AT-T/Lucent E5633
AT-T/Lucent E5634
AT-T/Lucent E5640
AT-T/Lucent E5643
AT-T/Lucent E5644
AT-T/Lucent E5654
AT-T/Lucent E5655
AT-T/Lucent E5801
AT-T/Lucent E5802
AT-T/Lucent E5815
AT-T/Lucent E5860
AT-T/Lucent E5861
AT-T/Lucent E5862
AT-T/Lucent E5865
AT-T/Lucent E5866C
AT-T/Lucent E5900B
AT-T/Lucent E5901
AT-T/Lucent E5902
AT-T/Lucent E5903
AT-T/Lucent E5905
AT-T/Lucent E5908
AT-T/Lucent E5909
AT-T/Lucent E5910
AT-T/Lucent E5915B
AT-T/Lucent E5917
AT-T/Lucent E5923
AT-T/Lucent E5924
AT-T/Lucent E5925B
AT-T/Lucent E5926
AT-T/Lucent E5927
AT-T/Lucent E5933
AT-T/Lucent E5934
AT-T/Lucent E5937
AT-T/Lucent E5938
AT-T/Lucent E5939
AT-T/Lucent E5943
AT-T/Lucent E5944
AT-T/Lucent E5945
AT-T/Lucent E5947
AT-T/Lucent E595911
AT-T/Lucent E595912
AT-T/Lucent E595913
AT-T/Lucent E595914
AT-T/Lucent E595918
AT-T/Lucent E595921
AT-T/Lucent E595922
AT-T/Lucent E5960C
AT-T/Lucent E5965C
AT-T/Lucent E5971
AT-T/Lucent E5972
AT-T/Lucent E5981
AT-T/Lucent E5982
AT-T/Lucent E6001
AT-T/Lucent E6002
AT-T/Lucent E6012
AT-T/Lucent E6013
AT-T/Lucent E6014
AT-T/Lucent EP562
AT-T/Lucent EP5632
AT-T/Lucent EP5902
AT-T/Lucent EP5903
AT-T/Lucent EP5922
AT-T/Lucent EP5962
AT-T/Lucent EP5995
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 1100
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 1700
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 200
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 250
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 300
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 400
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 740
AT-T/Lucent FREEDOM 750
AT-T/Lucent HS8200
AT-T/Lucent HS8201
AT-T/Lucent HS8210
AT-T/Lucent HS8211
AT-T/Lucent HS8220
AT-T/Lucent HS8240
AT-T/Lucent HS8241
AT-T/Lucent HS8243
AT-T/Lucent HS8255
AT-T/Lucent HS8270
AT-T/Lucent HS8271
AT-T/Lucent MDW9030P
AT-T/Lucent MDW9031
AT-T/Lucent NOMAD 200
AT-T/Lucent NOMAD 250