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Motorola HCNN4005A
Motorola i890
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Motorola L401
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Motorola L502BT
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Motorola L802
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Motorola MA300
Motorola MA303
Motorola MA3150 3160
Motorola MA3163
Motorola MA350
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Motorola MA352
Motorola MA354
Motorola MA355
Motorola MA356
Motorola MA357
Motorola MA360
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Motorola MA362
Motorola MA550
Motorola MA551
Motorola MA560
Motorola MA580
Motorola MA581
Motorola MD400
Motorola MD41
Motorola MD4150 4160
Motorola MD4250
Motorola MD4260
Motorola MD451
Motorola MD471
Motorola MD481
Motorola MD491
Motorola MD550
Motorola MD61
Motorola MD671
Motorola MD681
Motorola MD7000
Motorola MD7001
Motorola MD7051
Motorola MD7081
Motorola MD7091
Motorola MD71
Motorola MD7101
Motorola MD7151
Motorola MD7161
Motorola MD7250
Motorola MD7251
Motorola MD7260
Motorola MD7261
Motorola MD7502
Motorola MD751
Motorola MD761
Motorola MD781
Motorola MD791
Motorola OJO
Motorola P8
Motorola PVP1000
Motorola S801
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Motorola S804
Motorola S805
Motorola SD-4502
Motorola SD402
Motorola SD4501
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Motorola SD4550
Motorola SD4551
Motorola SD4561
Motorola SD4581
Motorola SD4591
Motorola SD45917501
Motorola SD7500
Motorola SD7501
Motorola SD7502
Motorola SD7561
Motorola SD7581
Motorola SSN5683A
Motorola T31
Motorola T3101
Motorola T3151