Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find information about all the different battery types?

A: **Click here for details**

Q: How do I access the on-line battery catalog? I need a replacement battery, but I dont know where to start.

A: Click on the [CATALOG] tag, found on the upper left corner of your screen. Select the type of battery you need by clicking on the category, and then refine your search by selecting a manufacturer and model number.
Or, if you know the manufacturer and model number - even a part of it - just type it in the quick-search field and we'll show you what could match your text. For example, if you have a Sony camcorder and you have a partial part DCRP, you would type in SONY DCRP and the search engine would find all the possible choices we have in our database.

Q: When I try to print pages off this website, I keep getting multiple pages, with the heading on one page, the links on a second, and the rest on the third. How do I get them all to print on one page?

A: This is handled by a printer setting in your browser. For Internet Explorer:

    - Click on [FILE]
      (upper left corner of the browser screen)
    - Click on [PRINT]
    - You will see a screen that lets you select a printer. 
      Along the top, you will see some choices as well.  
    - Click on [OPTIONS]
    - You will see a "Print Frames" box. 
      Locate the option that reads 
      [ ] As Laid Out On Screen. Click on it
    - Then click on the [GENERAL] tab 
      (returns you to the Print panel)
    - And finally, click on the [PRINT] option 
      (at the bottom of that panel.)

This will print each screen as a complete image, and can be used for any web site you visit, not just Empire. If you have Netscape or AOL, there will be a similar method to select "full screen" or "as viewed" printing.

Q: When I click on the images in the catalog to view a larger one, nothing happens.

A: You probably have anti-popup software running. Configure that software to allow pop-ups from this site, and you'll be fine. This occurs a lot in AOL, too.

Q: I don't see my question here! What do I do?

A: Please send all web-related questions or comments to Empire's Web Master and we will reply to you within one business day. If your question or concern could help others, it will be added to this page.